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Resume ID #: 871
Current Location: North Potomac MD
Position Desired: Either
Travel: Limited
Relocate: No
SAS Experience
SAS Version9x
SAS Certifications
SAS Certifications
SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9
SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9
Other Experience
Industry Experience
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
SAS Experience
SQL programming skills
SAS Product Experience
Base SAS®

Work History

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research 06/05 to 05/2014
• Preclinical development of stem cells or drugs applied in the treatment of brain injury.
• Preparing SAS data imported from excel and txt files, using SAS 9.0 to predict sample number (power analysis) and analyze collected data (mean, standard deviation, t-test, chi-square, ANOVA), exporting calculated SAS data into excel or txt files, generating graph with Proc plot or Proc chart.
National Institutes of Health 05/05 to 05/2006
Research fellow
• Studied the development of neural progenitor cells.
Peking Union Medical College 08/07 to 07/1995
Research Associate
• Tested the anti-coagulating effects of extracts from Chinese herbs to identify more efficient and safer medicines for cardiovascular disease.
• Provided technical support for Peking Union Medical College Tech Co on 125I-Labeling and Radioimmunoassay. The service provided approximately $10,000 annual remuneration for the company.

Education and Professional Training

Nutech Computer Training Institute 05/05 to 05/2014
Rockville MD
SAS Base and Advanced Programming Certification
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey 09/05 to 05/2002
Piscataway NJ
Beijing Medical University 09/08 to 08/1992
B.A. in Basic Medicine (equivalent to M.D.)

SAS Experience Narrative

Expertise in SAS 9.0 and 9.1 on Window Operation System. Creating SAS data sets using multiple methods (input methods such as keyboard, formatted, list and column, SAS import window, Stat/Transfer Data Conversion Software ) from files of various types (i.e. excel, comma//space/tab delimited txt files) manipulating SAS data set (appending/merging SAS data sets, creating/recoding/regrouping/reordering variables, converting between characteristic and numeric variables), transforming data (Proc Transpose) validating created SAS data set with Proc freq/Proc means generating basic detail and summary reports using SAS Report procedures (Proc Tabulate, Proc Report) and ODS debuging/identifying and correcting data syntax and programming logic errors analyze data using SAS Statistical tools (i.e. Proc Ttest/ANOVA/ ANCOVA/GLM/Reg/logistic applying SAS Macro to make SAS program more flexible, creating/modifying and joining/unioning tables using SQL queries and subqueries within SAS.

Non-SAS Experience Narrative

• Biology: modern technique in molecular biology, cell biology and neuroscience.
• Pharmacology: ED50 and FD50 test.
• Other computer technique: general document (Microsoft word), graph and table (Microsoft excel), image analysis (Adobe Photoshop), and internet.