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Resume ID #: 921
Current Location: WALNUT CREEK CA
Position Desired: Permanent
Travel: Limited
Relocate: Yes
SAS Experience
SAS Version9x
SAS Certifications
None Indicated
Other Experience
Industry Experience
Financial Services
Health Care
SAS Experience
Financial Services
SQL programming skills
SAS Product Experience
Base SAS®
Enterprise Guide®
Enterprise Miner™

Work History

Twinspires com Churchill Downs Interactive 12/ to /
Marketing Database Analyst
• Develop behavioral and consumer predictive models to support acquisition and customer development including:
o New VIP player model predicting high spend customers based on first 7 days of activity, scored daily.
o Player quality model predicting high value customers based on wagers and yield.
o Incremental change model predicting year over year player wager behavior change.
o Segmentation model based on wager activity and race betting profile.
• Develop targeting strategies for marketing support.
• Create and manage data used in email and web based marketing campaigns.
o Pull marketing email lists.
• Provide marketing campaign results tracking and effectiveness analysis.
• Conduct exploratory data analyses to uncover actionable and insights.
• Create presentations and reports.
• Ensure adherence to compliance regulations and policies.
CSAA AAA Insurance Group 11/11 to 11/2014
Marketing Analyst V
• Produced predictive B2C and B2B models, response, revenue, segmentation, lifetime value, for all CSAA marketing, including development, validation, implementation, and field testing.
• Developed and managed portfolio level model scoring and tracking of all models in production (54 million records).
• Consulted with CSAA marketing program managers on experimental design methods ensuring campaigns were valid and rigorous experimental designs, including statistical power analyses
o National footprint, all channels, 100+ DM campaigns annually.
o Recommendations on campaign development, design and campaign continuation.
• Conducted statistical post hoc analysis of marketing campaigns from start to finish including report and presentation.
• Ad hoc analysis on a variety of marketing needs within CSAA.
• Provided training and mentoring in experimental design, statistics, modeling and SAS to junior programmers and analysts, including review of programs, output and models.
Wells Fargo Bank 07/09 to 09/2012
Marketing Database Decision Strategy Consultant
• Produced predictive models for Home Equity marketing.
• Consulted with home equity program managers on experimental design methods.
o Recommended campaign development and continuation, 200+ campaigns annually.
• Produced technical specification for marketing programs including list pull requirements, statistical power analysis and final design requirements.
o Gatekeeper role pass/fail of final mail list cell design counts.
• Conducted statistical analyses of marketing campaigns from start to finish including reports.
• Ad hoc analysis on a variety of marketing needs within home equity.
• Provided training and mentoring in experimental design, statistics and modeling.
• Monthly production of portfolio level model scoring and model tracking of all models in production (40+ models, 24 million records).
Wells Fargo Bank 01/07 to 07/2007
Risk Management Consultant 2
• Completed monthly business loss forecasting models (BLF) for all WFB Small Business Administration (SBA) and all WFB Regional Business Banking, including documentation and presentation of results.
• Completed Financial Plan models for SBA and Regional Business Banking, including documentation and presentation of results.
• Developed systems to track BLF actual versus model losses and recoveries.
• Provided coding, modeling and database improvements and efficiencies in BLF methods.
• Built 12 small business probability of default risk models (PD).
• Completed alignment and validation analyses for the PD models, including ROC curves.
• Investigated and developed multiple PD scoring criteria and presentation of results.
• Assisted in final PD documentation and presentation of results.
• Developed daily PD scoring code (Oracle), including score verification and audit to ensure score accuracy.
o Managed daily PD scoring over 70,000 customers.
Fair Isaac Corporation 12/01 to 01/2005
Analytic Science Manager
• Designed and managed marketing analytic projects for a wide variety of clients and industries, including pharmaceutical, health plans (HMO, PPO), credit card/banking, online stock trading, car rental, photography studio, TV network sales, and others.
• Projects included predictive modeling, attrition-migration models, response and revenue models, credit risk models, segmentation and profiling models.
• Analyses included cluster analysis, logistic and linear regression models, discriminant function, factor analysis (PCA), ANOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, as well as proprietary software used to produce FICO scores.
o Models involved appended data from US Census and other sources (e.g., Experian, Equifax).
• Presented technical reports and modeling results to clients.
• Managed several large databases (over 30-50 million records – MVS/TSO, JCL and UNIX).
• Provided methods, and statistics training and mentoring to members of my unit, and other FICO members.

Education and Professional Training

Wayne State University / to /
Detroit MI
University of California / to /
Santa Barbara CA
University of Colorado / to /
Boulder CO

SAS Experience Narrative

Non-SAS Experience Narrative

Over 15 years of experience in SAS (10+years)
• PC, UNIX, Mainframe, Windows
• Base SAS
• Macro

I am an advanced data scientist, analyst and modeler with deep experience in a variety industries including large companies, start-ups, consulting, and universities, in a variety of industries including banking, insurance, health care, on-line gaming, telecommunications, temporary staffing agencies, and university grant funded research and teaching.