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Resume ID #: 930
Current Location: Toronto ON
Position Desired: Either
Travel: Limited
Relocate: No
SAS Experience
None Indicated
SAS Certifications
None Indicated
Other Experience
None Indicated

Work History

SinoUS United MetLife Insurance Company Limited 01/05 to 05/2016
Data Analyst Intern
• Imported external claim data sets with various formats such as csv, txt into SAS libraries by using different methods such as In-Stream, Import Wizard, PROC Import, Infile and Input Statements.
• Prepared and merged over 1000 data sets for future analysis and management by using DATA STEP with various options, functions and statements such as Retain, Array, Do Group/Loop.
• Developed complex SAS scripts to analyze claim data and automatically delivered customized reports by using procedures such as PROC Sort/Freq/Means/Report/Sql with ODS, SAS/BASE, SAS/MACRO.
• Designed and created series plots of partial withdrawal and surrender rate based on claim data by PROC Sgplot, SAS/GRAPH to support trending analysis in the quarter experience study report.
• Analyzed and resolved unexpected data issues in SAS reported by internal staff and error logs.
HuataiPineBridge Fund Management 05/07 to 07/2014
Data Analyst Intern
• Resolved system inefficiency by migrating obsolete database from Access to MS SQL server.
• Optimized SQL queries to ensure raw data are imported, maintained and managed in databases.
• Delivered The Database Operation Manual by Word to standardize individual operations of SQL.
• Developed complex SQL queries to automatically update data, generated output results in Excel.
• Organized output results in Excel by pivot table, data validation, conditional formatting, various data manipulation and summarization functions such as Sumif/Sumifs, Count family, IFError.
• Summarized dynamic daily fund prices from different sheets to the automatically-update sheet by using Excel Functions such as V/HLookup, Index+Match, Offset+Counta.
• Analyzed previous performance and future trend of funds by creating Excel dynamic charts based on dynamic daily fund prices.
• Created user-friendly interface such as login/security userforms to improve data validation, safety.

Education and Professional Training

University of Toronto 09/06 to 06/2016
Toronto ON
Honours Bachelor of Science

SAS Experience Narrative

• Expert proficiency level in SAS(SAS/Base, SAS/Macros, SAS/SQL, SAS/Graph, SAS/ODS).

Non-SAS Experience Narrative

• Advanced proficiency level in MS SQL Server(Advanced query construction), MS Excel(Functions, Pivot Table, Charting and Graphing, Macros/VBA), MS Access(Form access, Report design), MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, R, Python.